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The above comparisons are not an accurate description of an amoxil, but they clearly provide a picture of how this condition develops. If the amoxil was constant, then the man would be extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, the reproductive system is designed in such a way that, in the normal state, a small amount of blood enters the organ. Cavernous bodies become smaller and sluggish. A large number of small vessels have an unusual shape resembling a corkscrew.

This creates a powerful resistance to blood flow in the area of ​​the penis, protecting it from unwanted amoxils. Much has been said and written about male amoxil. But not everyone knows that a similar condition occurs among the representatives of the weaker half.

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It's no secret that men love with their eyes - they need visual stimuli to be aroused. They can “strip” a girl with a glance, and this is normal, because this is how the male brain works. For a woman, things are different. She needs compliments, dates, romantic atmosphere, beautiful conversations, and more. In women, the connection between the centers of sexuality and arousal in the brain and the auditory zone predominates. When a man does everything right, the fairer sex is able to get aroused and experience an amoxil.

This condition is accompanied by increased discharge in the vulva

Mucous discharge acts as a natural lubricant that facilitates the penetration of the penis into the vagina, and also creates favorable conditions for fertilization, "helping" the sperm to get to the egg. American scientists are sure that during sexual arousal, a woman's body does not come to a relaxed state, but on the contrary, an increase in tone is observed. The stronger the level of arousal, the higher the tension in the muscles.

Every girl has an erogenous zone located in the labia and clitoris

Unlike male amoxil, during which the penis increases in size, in women the condition is accompanied by a narrowing of the vaginal opening. This unique feature of the body makes it possible for even a small penis to match the dimensions of the vagina. The genitals, as it were, adapt to the current situation.

This part swells during arousal, blood rushes to it, therefore, its increase in size is observed

One of the main differences between amoxils in both sexes is the process of arousal. For women, tactile contact is of great importance. They are aroused by caresses, touching, kissing and other games. For a man, on the other hand, it is enough to enjoy a naked girl for the penis to take a "fighting" position.

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A reflex act, the epicenter of the act is in the cerebrospinal fluid section. In the regulation of the process of amoxicilin, a certain role is played by the lobes of the brain. amoxicilin and an amoxil closely related to it leads to a sharp increase in the penis at the time of arousal. As a rule, an orgasm follows upon completion. In rare cases, it happens during sleep.

Such a thing as amoxicilin means "eruption"

Male amoxicilin consists of prostate secretions and sperm. A healthy man is able to amoxicilin seminal fluid at a speed of 1 m / s, at a distance of up to half a meter. The volume of one serving is several milliliters. The amoxil process is accompanied by pleasant sensations, as well as cramps.

Some men have trouble ejaculating by ejaculating too quickly

During orgasm, a woman is also able to amoxicilin, her amoxicilin is made up of secretions from the cervix. In this case, the muscles of the vagina contract rapidly. In order to push the mucus out, the cervix is ​​opened for a short time. After the onset of orgasm, the woman feels relaxation in the genitals.

Such young people are called low-potency

amoxil in men occurs due to increased blood circulation in the penis: blood fills the veins, the penis becomes larger and longer, the size increases until the veins are completely filled.

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Simultaneously with this, there is a contraction of the sciatic-cavernous muscles, which compress the organ at the base, and do not allowcarry out the outflow of blood from the penis. With the onset of a persistent amoxil, difficulty urinating is observed, and blood stops flowing to the organ.

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